The global biotech economy enabled by Web3

Community is at the core of BioDAO forming the foundation of all operational and strategic decisions. Members can contribute, complete tasks, and gain new skills relevant to the process of drug discovery and translation.

Decentralization enables creation of more effective sourcing of deals and skills by engaging a global community of experts, operators, and investors towards a common goal.

Valueless governance token will allow members to participate in governance and can be earned for various contributions (e.g., deal flow, due diligence, DAO ops). BioDAO token has not been launched yet.



Too financially uncertain to work for early stage biotech


Science outside ​of biotech hotspots is ignored​


Early stage assets are not funded (the “valley of death”)


A global biotech economy united by a token

BioDAO's flywheel of growth

What is the goal of BioDAO?
  • For society, our goal is to initiate 25-30 projects per year for the next five years which, given typical rates of attrition and regulatory requirements, will result in 3-5 new therapies per year in the next 6-10 years. This rate of success will effectively double the number of life saving therapeutics available to patients over the next 10 year.
  • For BioDAO members, our goal is to build and empower a community of biotech innovators that have a reliable funding source for the ecosystem and democratized access to talent.
Where can I learn more?

Check out BioDAO litepaper (presentation format) and whitepaper (doc format).

How can I get  involved?

Stay in touch on twitter @BioDAOxyz, and join the Discord! We have lots of interesting discussions happening around DAO structure and governance, biotech project funding, and more.

How can I participate in BioDAO and BIO?

Being a BioDAO member means, first and foremost, being part of the community and having long-term alignment with the organization's goals and mission to improve healthcare. Engagement with BioDAO can be of multiple forms:

  • Participate in working groups: BioDAO will allocate resources for specific services inside the community. People willing to provide these services usually end up organizing into a working group and formally requesting a budget from the DAO.
  • Contribute specialized skills: BioDAO may engage with experts on a temporary basis for services which cannot be found inside the community (e.g., deep domain expertise in a particular disease area). We hope that the engaged experts would eventually become part of the BioDAO community but they are not required to. Specialists and freelancers who do join the community can form a working group (aka committee) to continue doing their work on a regular basis.
Why create the biotech ecosystem on the blockchain?

Creating the biotech ecosystem on chain has several benefits:

  • Enables democratization of biotech development and funding on the global scale. Anyone in the world can participate in BioDAO, irrespective of their nationality or socio-economic status.
  • Fosters an environment for creative collaboration and innovation with a large number of participants from diverse backgrounds on the global scale.
  • Creates an ecosystem with aligned incentives BioDAO where members can contribute and participate in decision making enabled by token ownership.